vendWolla will be shutting down on December 1st, 2018


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  1. To get started with vendWolla you will need to create a business account with Dwolla, our payment processor. As part of this process you will provide Dwolla with your banking details and business documents.
  2. After that setup, you will enter your Vendor's invoices as open Bills within QuickBooks Online. Make sure your Vendors have an Email Address listed in QuickBooks Online.
  3. Visit to initiate payments. Bills and Vendors will be automatically downloaded from QuickBooks Online and after the payment is sent a Bill Payment will be automatically uploaded. The synchronization with QuickBooks Online is completely automatic with no duplicate data entry!
  4. When you first send a payment to your vendors, they will receive an email with instructions to set up an account with Dwolla and link their bank account to receive funds. After the initial vendor setup all future payments will be automatically sent to the vendor's bank account.
When initiated from a standard bank account, it can take 5-7 business days for a vendor to receive the first payment in their bank account. Faster transfers are available using a FiSync bank account or by adding funds to your Dwolla account before making a payment.
If you did not add a bank account when creating your Dwolla account, you can add one by visiting Dwolla's Funding Sources.
You can create a Dwolla account by clicking on the "Pay With Dwolla" icon from the Setup page or by visiting
This error indicates that Dwolla needs additional documentation from you. Please log in to your Dwolla account and look for banners prompting you to take additional actions.
vendWolla only lists QuickBooks vendors that have an email address and open bills.
vendWolla only lists QuickBooks accounts that have a Category Type of Bank.
If you have multiple QuickBooks companies, use the Setup page to disconnect the current company and then connect a new company.